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Personal Angel Cards Reading...
with Ahrina


Psychic Readings using Angel Cards.
A personal session just for you...

Would you like to have a better understanding of where you are at in your life, how you got there and where are you going?

Would you like to meet your Guides and Angels? Do you have questions about them or your Animal Totems?

Do you require some general guidance in your life? Or do you have a specific question that needs answering?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then book an Angel Cards Reading today!
It will help you to gain clarity!

An Angel Cards Reading from
an Intuitive/Medium/Psychic (you choose the word that you prefer)

That's me... I am an Intuitive/Medium/Psychic and I give messages using the divination tools of Angel Cards and a pendulum.

I have a team of Spirit Masters who guide me through your personal session and offer words of wisdom and advice.

It is a safe and gentle experience. Some people feel strong emotions during the session and some do not.

Yet, there is always guaranteed to be a giggle or two!

We will spend an hour together, via skype, where Spirit will join us and will assist in creating a personal card spread just for you!

As each deck has it's own "tone", I like to use a combination of numerous decks to provide you with an "all-around" complete personal intuitive/psychic reading for  only $150.

 * Once the purchase is complete it may take up to 3 days to arrange a mutual time for your personal reading, via Skype.

Spirit has guided me throughout my life and it is my pleasure to be that channel for you!

I have always listened to that voice of Spirit and I have had some amazing experiences as I allowed myself to be lead by Angels. I encourage you to open up and listen on a deep level, and psychic readings are a fantastic way to do just that!

This is my passion and I love that I can share this with you!

"All messages come through on the Divine wave of Love and it is always as it should be."

I look forward to hearing from you. Book your session today by clicking on the Paypal link above!

Your Angels are waiting!



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