Lynn Andrews Inspiration!

With an impressive 20 books under her belt...

... Lynn Andrews delivers, as the keynote speaker at a recent conference in my hometown of Nanaimo, B.C.!

Lynn Andrews

I have to admit that I am new to the world of Lynn Andrews. With one exception... I have had her book, "Windhorse Woman", on my shelf for a few years.

It jumped out at me while perusing through a second hand book store and I felt compelled to buy it. Yet It wasn't the time for me to read it.

I can happily say that now it is time!

What a lovely woman she is and she spoke so openly of her personal experiences (reminds me of someone?? :) ...that I found her endearing.

Her talk touched on some of her books;

The Medicine Woman Series;

And the others;

  • The Modern Day Alchemist
  • Walk in Spirit; a Book of Prayers
  • Walk in Balance; Daily Meditations

She also spoke of her card deck, The Power Deck: The Cards of Wisdom , to use a daily tool. Choose one card and embody it's message for the day. Carry its message around with you as you find balance and keep a foot in both worlds, the spiritual and the physical.

I felt that Lynn's talk was designed just for me. I had the urge to stand up at the end and thank everyone for attending my own personal talk facilitated by Lynn (but I restrained myself)  :)

She touched my soul. Thank you Lynn.

She ties up all the beautiful spiritual information with personal stories.

And I love it!

That is so my style :)

Her background is steeped in shamanism and her mission is to assist others to grow personally and spiritually.

If you get the opportunity to attend a workshop or lecture by Lynn, take it!

Her presence has a way of encompassing you and bringing you along for the ride :)

Thank you Lynn for your presence in this world!

Much Love,

The Woo Woo Diva

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