The Grand Council Of Light

Who are they?

The Grand Council Of Light is a group of high vibrational energy Beings, channeled by Gabriole Springford. Their goal is to hold the energetic space, raise the vibration (which will raise yours as well) and to assist in opening your heart to a greater love.

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it?  :-)

It is an unique experience being in the presence of these Divine Beings.

"Breathing in love and breathing out love"...

... is the mantra of The Grand Council Of Light.

They have been actively tweaking the energetic grid of this planet since 1992 and assisting the shifts that were needed for the 2012 ending and new energetic beginning.

Reluctant channel Gabriole Springford, brings through the messages of spiritual guidance from The Grand Council Of Light twice monthly in her home and hosts special events a few times a year.

For information on all events click here!

When attending you will experience the magic of the crystal labyrinth, the intense energy of the copper pyramids and the healing tones of the crystal bowls.

Sometimes there are surprise visitors and I can't say anything more about that as you will have to see for yourself. :)

The dress code is white, while in attendance, and this has to do with the energetic purity and supporting the vibration.

If you are unable to attend in person, there are opportunities to participate from afar with the "Adopt a Scepter Crystal Pipe" program.

To stay up on the latest events, check out their Facebook page here!

The Grand Council Of Light 11/11 event 2013...

Ahrina Kay at the 11/11 event. Do you see my wings??

These events are a wonderful opportunity to increase your vibration. Don't we all want some of that???

I love the spiritual "tune up" I receive when I attend. This keeps me on my path and deeply grounded.

When I am in this space I feel more open and intuitive, and therefor I find it easier to access information beyond myself.

We all need reminders of the path on which we walk and I am always looking for messages from the universe (and beyond) to confirm or to change my direction.

I truly live my life looking for signs and working with The Grand Council Of Light helps me to raise my vibration and remain open to the messages that I get daily.

I strongly recommend attending these events if you can. :)

Much love,

Ahrina Kay

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